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About Us
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How to use
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The Shop
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Welcome to J James & Co.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

About Us

Since 1895 J James & Co have specialised in Architectural Hardware both heritage and modern, supplying the needs of builders, architects, designers and the home renovator.

The Shop

The shop caters for the needs of builders, architects, designers and the home renovator and stocks a wide range of heritage and modern architectural hardware comprising, door knobs, knockers, handles, locks both mortice and rim, hinges, door stops, cabin hooks and devices to hold the door open, flush pulls, barrel bolts, flush bolts, escutions, push plates, closers and peepholes.

Window fittings covers such diverse items as sash window fitch fasteners both plain and lockable, lifts and locks. For casement windows we have available casement fasteners, fixed and horizontal stays, telescopic stays and locks.

In our Bathroom fitting Dept. we have an extensive range of soap holders and dishes, toothbrush holders, towel rails, glass shelves, mirrors, wire racks to go across the bath and toilet roll holders of all shapes and sizes.

Electrical fittings; this covers period and modern electrical sockets, switches, dimmer controls and T.V. sockets along with a range of mounting blocks in stained and plain timber.

General hardware covers such a diverse range of products as castors, shelf brackets, hat and coat hooks,cleats and picture hooks. We have a large range of fittings for letter boxes and news paper holders, we even make sleeves to fit inside block walls. If you require letters and numbers so that the postman can find you we have them ranging from 50mm-200mm in height and if you don't know which is the bathroom we have brass signs to point the way along with signs for all other purposes sash as "no junk mail", "mind the dog", etc.. If its stair or curtain fittings you require, we have all the brackets and rods you could wish for, and finally if you have always wanted a ships bell or railway rack we have those as well.

Technical Library and Projects

This area is the primary information resource for architects, designers, builders and home renovators and includes catalogues supplied by the various architectural hardware manufacturers. It also covers interesting projects carried out within the building industry and pamphlets which cover such items as cavity sliding doors, timber sliding door systems and other specialised products.

We would encourage the architects,designers, builders and home renovators register with us to take the opportunity to receive up to date architectural hardware specifications and have the facility to download them direct on to their Cad drawing system.

It is to this area that we go to look for the Internet links to the architectural hardware manufacturers and suppliers who already have there own web sites.

We invite suitable suppliers and manufacturers to submit there sites for inclusion into this area.

Events and Competitions

This is the area you go to for rest and recreation and covers assorted information on upcoming home renovator shows.

It also covers an area for the youngsters to visit to get involved in games, competitions and submit their best jokes and stories.


This area gives the browser the option to select there method of navigating through the site and choose their particular architectural hardware item or product of interest. This can either be by browsing your way through the shop and inspecting what's to offer or entering a key word or phrase for the built in search engine to go looking for.

Included in this area is a complete glossary of architectural hardware and building terms so that when you wish to order products you will at least know what you are talking about

If on the the other you get into trouble you can ask Sam to give you a conducted tour which will only take a couple of minutes. Finally we have a built in directory, just like the big departmental stores to help you find your way around.


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