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This page sets out the suppliers, and the products we purchase from them. The list does not necessarily represent all our suppliers and we are constantly adding to it

.There will be times when an supplier cannot supply an individual item. At the time of "confirmation of order", we will notify you accordingly and recommend an alternative product and its price.

We rely on our customers to keep us informed of any problems they experience either with product they have purchased from us, or architectural hardware products they have purchased elsewhere, it is only in this way we can guarantee the quality.

We do not accept responsibility for availability or quality of the individual products that we source, however we assure you that if we are advised that a product does not come up to our stringent requirement we delete it from our Dbase.

We trust that you enjoy dealing with us and we look forward to fulfilling your orders.

This is a long list and takes a few seconds to load so please be patient.

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