• Plating

    Electroplating is a commonly applied process for hardware fittings. It consists of a thin coating to give a different colour, generally done over brass due to it’s non-rusting properties.

    J.James & Co has vast experience in having products electroplated and reliable contacts within the industry. We’re able to recommend whether plating is a cost-effective option and how the desired finish will endure over time within specific environments.

  • Scheduling

    Architectural hardware isn’t simple, this is why architects and designers use our scheduling service for their projects. We work within the client’s specific budget in order to achieve the best possible result all while balancing desired aesthetics and any particular or functional aspects required.

    Our services provide a full door and window schedule linked to floor plans, as well as project specific image catalogues to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Locksmithing

    Locksmithing is an integral part of architectural hardware. We are able to recommend different key types and configurations to suit your project’s specific needs and its security requirements.